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Portable Foot Cleaning Brush
No Stress, No Tears, No Sand!

Beach Mate is light, compact and convenient and is supplied in a watertight storage box so you can take it with you anywhere.  Why not keep one in your car, sports bag or hiking backpack?



Portable Foot Cleaning Brush

No Stress, No Tears, No Sand!

  • IT’S REALLY CLEVER! IT JUST SCREWS ON TO AN OLD FIZZY DRINKS BOTTLE FULL OF WATER – The Beach Mate is able to clean sand from your feet, shoes, pushchair wheels or anything else that needs a good brushing!
  • NO MORE RUNNING OUT OF WATER HALFWAY THROUGH A JOB – JUST USE A BIGGER BOTTLE – The Beach Mate allows you to choose the right size bottle for the job you want it to do. bottles from 250ml all the way up to 2000ml. It’s your choice. Small bottle for a small feet, big bottle for a big feet…. easy!
  • IT’S ALLOWS YOU TO UPCYCLE YOUR OLD PLASTIC BOTTLES – The Beach Mate has been designed to be environmentally friendly by using unwanted plastic bottles to hold its washing water. It can be screwed on to almost any fizzy drinks bottle on the market together with a whole host of other plastic bottles from household brands
  • SOFT BRISTLES, TO BRUSH THE SAND AWAY GENTLY – Beach Mate consists of a large brush head that is 75mm x 55mm in size. Combine this with its soft bristles and you have a product that can remove sand easily. It’s easy to use and can be used by children and adults alike for keeping those feet nice and sand-free
  • Wash, Brush and Rinse. The Beach Mate is so much more than just a brush for feet. It literally has 100’s of uses, you’ll wonder how you managed with out one!  Here are a few we’ve been told about:- feet, shoes, pushchair and buggy wheels, wheelchairs, kids bikes, dog paws…