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The Amazing Foot Washing Brush

No Stress, No Tears, No Sand

Instructions for Use

Your Beach Mate will screw on to almost any standard carbonated drinks bottle such as cola, lemonade, sparkling water and own-brand fizzy drinks together with a huge range of empty household cleaning product bottles.

Pick a suitable empty bottle, fill with cold or warm water, screw on the Beach Mate brush and away you go, ready to wash and  brush the sand off your feet.  You can BRUSH, WASH and RINSE all at the same time with the easy to use Beach Mate foot cleaning brush.  Pick a small bottle for small feet or a bigger bottle for big feet when more water is needed.  Just choose the bottle to suit your needs.

Fantastic for cleaning your dog's paws at the beach too!

The Cleaning Brush with 100s of Uses...

As well as using your Beach Mate to clean sand from your feet, there are also a multitude of other uses for the Beach Mate at the beach, your home or in your garden.  Great for shoes, pushchair and buggy wheels, to name just a few.  But we're certain you'll find hundreds of more useful applications for your Beach Mate bottle top cleaning brush.

Your Beach Mate is light, compact and convenient and is supplied in a watertight storage box so you can take it with you anywhere.  With your Beach Mate you're always ready to clean up any unwanted sandy mess.

What will you use your Beach Mate for?